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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Observations about the North American WingNut

Blogging can be an unintentional study of human behavior. Reading this blog's comments, I've learned that WingNuts share a few particular qualities: They can't spell. They travel in packs. They're smug as hell for no discernible reason.

The spelling and grammar are not surprising to a "liberal elite" like myself. Apparently, "liberal elite" means I can read and write, so I'll go along with that assessment. I make allowances for typing errors and an occasional misspelled word, since electronic communications are often swift and unreliable, but some of these rants are beyond the pale. Seriously, people, if you want me to read your extensive ramblings, don't distract me with evidence of your inferior education. Your opinions are more than enough to reinforce my fears about the failure of American schools. Use a dictionary - they're freely available on line. For the sake of the English language, learn how to conjugate a verb. Why is it that the people who want to make English the "official" language never seem to be proficient in it?

The 'traveling in packs' behavior should be no surprise, either. People with a "herd mentality" will naturally find strength in numbers. I have to wonder, though - are these really different people? If I get one Nutty comment, I get three. All are poorly written. Do I assume this is a set of three friends, or one WingNut with several screen names?

The smug attitude might be funny if it weren't so sad. Even if a commenter made a salient argument, there would be no justification for acting as if they'd just delivered the Sermon on the Mount. They aren't just wrong, they're rude about it, and proud of showing their ignorance. The stereotypical Ugly American is alive, well and trolling the Progressive blogosphere. Yawn.

Now, gentle readers, I must warn you not to waste your time looking for the comments on which I have based these observations. I deleted them. Unlike their authors, I have no desire to irritate the people who use the resources offered on this blog. I am, in fact, quite protective of the women writers who are featured here, and I won't waste valuable web space or reader attention on bullshit. I welcome intelligent debate, but the operative word in civil discourse is "civil." Be brief, be polite, or be gone.



At 10:49 AM , Anonymous Green Jenni said...

You've hit the nail on the head. I've noticed the exact same qualities from other comments on other forums. It's rare to find a comment made by a "wingnut" without any mistakes in grammar or spelling. I have to admit that I come to the conclusion that there must be a lack of education as the reason for both their mistakes and their opinions.


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