Saturday, July 03, 2004

From Crooked Timber: I'm pretty sure that this isn't what Jesus would do

So Preacher James Dobson, leader of a group called Focus on the Family, essentially put a hit out on Michael Moore this week by publishing his home address in an email sent to their mailing list. Wow, a Christian Fatwa! Jiiiii - had, y'all!

This is inexcusable. Moore's family could now be in danger. It's not like he's hard to reach. Anyone can send Mike an email at his web site. He has offices and a production company. Let's all pray to friendlier deities that Mike doesn't run into one of Dobson's minions. We need him around. We can't count on the Press to report the truth any more, so Michael Moore and the political blogosphere are the only source of news out there.

The idea that the Right Wing now goes so far as to threaten a person's family doesn't surprise me - the outing of Ambassador Wilson's wife showed me they'll do anything- but it is disgusting and a true measure of what the "Religious Right" is really about. How shameful to have people who claim to follow the teachings of Jesus using Nazi tactics.


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