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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Save Fawza Falih!

Wiccans, Druids, and other Pagans are part of an international coalition of
religious leaders and others who have signed a letter to King Abdullah bin
Abd al-'Aziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia pleading for the release of a Saudi
Arabian woman, Fawza Falih, who has been condemned to death for
"witchcraft." She was accused for "bewitching" a man and making him
"impotent." She was imprisoned and beaten, her confession was coerced, the
limited appeals process is now exhausted, and she is awaiting execution, a
public beheading.

The coalition seeking her pardon and release also includes Muslims,
Jews, Christians, Hindus, Native Americans, Buddhists, and those of other
faith traditions. The letter will be delivered soon to the Saudi
ambassadors to the United Nations and the United States.

ACT NOW -- sign the petition to save Fawza Falih's life:

NETWORK -- Please circulate this request for signatures and support. Time
is of the essence. Post this email to lists, blogs, websites, elsewhere.

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At 7:44 PM , Blogger Amber said...

This is utterly ridiculous! There is no bases on her "bewitching" anyone! Though I do not agree I am not pagan or any one of those things, I believe she needs to go free for this unjust killing!


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