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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Blogging for Choice: The Republican War on Sex

We all know that the "Culture of Life" the NeoCons are pushing is just another Big Lie from Karl Rove's bag of tricks. It sounds so noble - how could a reasonable, caring person object? The reality of it is quite different. They had no problem killing 100,000+ Iraqi civilians who never harmed a US citizen that wasn't trying to kill them. They had no problem sending our troops into an illegal war with no justification. They have no problem executing prisoners, even if they are retarded, or old and blind. Add to this all of the people who will die from AIDS, the women who will die needlessly in childbirth or from back alley abortions, or cervical cancer because the FDA is suppressing a vaccine that prevents the spread of HPV, and you have what can only be considered a Culture of Death.

The real goal of the NeoConservative, anti-choice movement is to stop all sex by anyone except married, heterosexual couples. Their precious patriarchy is in danger and they don't care who has to die to preserve it. The only way to maintain a rule by rich white men is to suppress women's sexuality. Rather than have people experience healthy, safe sex, they want a populace that is a repressed as possible so the ruling class can channel the people's energy into hate and war.

The greatest fear of patriarchy is sexuality - or what they would call "hedonism." A person with a healthy sex life is less likely to kill for an army, die for a cause, oppress another person for an arbitrary reason like gender, race, religion or sexual orientation. "Live and Let Live" won't keep those defense contracts rolling in. Sensuality makes a person hard to exploit. Only by insisting that society be arranged in nuclear units with a dominant male at the head of the home can they be sure to control women's lives, work, and bodies.

The wealth of the world is built on the work of women. The power structure wants to keep women in the home, focused on providing unpaid labor in keeping the home and raising the children. Paying someone, especially a woman, to do domestic chores subverts the hierarchy by putting money in the hands of women who might otherwise be forced to provide those services for free - or for a roof over her head, provided of course by the "breadwinner" husband.

Women with choices are harder to please. They won't tolerate an abusive spouse. They insist on fair pay. They want a say in when and how they have sex. They expect to be included in the decisions that affect their lives. They demand sovereignty over their own bodies. Choices of all kinds make women harder to control.

In a system that systematically oppresses women, control is everything. In patriarchy, the husband is favored in society and in law. Equality demands more of men. They have to accept responsibility for their offspring. They have to compete with women, who are rapidly proving to be better at almost everything. With any luck, there will soon be penalties for men who habitually prey on women and abandon them with their children. A guy has to work a lot harder in a fair system to create the same benefit he could demand under patriarchy, and his relative position is no longer dominant.

NO group is going to voluntarily give up an inherent advantage - especially if that group has been trained to have a sense of entitlement that tells them they deserve more because they are more. We see the effects of white male entitlement all around us. Most serial killers are white men. Most school shootings are by white boys. Rape, robbery and domestic violence are almost exclusively male crimes. In thge United States, murder with firearms is more common than in any other industrialized nation, and most of the killers are men. The most common cause of death for pregnant women, as well as for women in the work place, is murder.

Most of Western Culture still suffers from remnants of patriarchy, but nowhere in the West is it fighting for dear life the way it is here in the States. There's a direct correlation between the sense of entitlement a man feels that tells him he has the right to rape or murder and the sense that he has the right to dominate a wife and a child. It's no accident that the NRA is intimately entwined with the Republican party. It's no accident that the NeoCons hate gun control. It's so much easier to control your family if they know you have a gun and are willing to use it.

Europe is aghast at what the United States has become. We used to lead the world in progressive thought, innovation, education, social progress, and culture. The last 25 years or so has seen the United States take a dramatic step backward. We no longer have an advantage in education, and China and Japan have overtaken the advantage we once had in business.

We are the only developed country where the infant mortality rate is going up; where racism is a blatant, unyielding problem; where violence approaches levels more akin to African genocides than Western crime rates; where feminism is becoming more reviled rather than more common and assimilated into public policy; Where the welfare of our citizens takes a back seat to profit; where children go unsheltered and untended by the millions.

This latest wave of patriarchal hatred has made us venal and uncaring. Our generous spirit has been replaced by greed and lust for power. We've become an oligarchy where only the very wealthy prosper and to hell with everyone else.

And, yes, believe it or not, this all comes back to sex. Power for the people is being replaced by power over the people. The Rape Culture not only oppresses women, it represses all but a small fraction of the population. A person who respects others cannot rape, rip off old ladies or turn a blind eye to children's suffering. A person in touch with their own sensuality empathizes in a way that no ruler, no patriarch, no corporation, no government ever could.

All violence stems from somatosensory deprivation. Sex is a normal, healthy activity for adults. The United States own prudishness is proof of the sexual repression here. The biggest scandal of my lifetime should be what the Administration is doing right now - instead, as far as the media is concerned it was the Clinton scandal. Europe couldn't believe it was an issue; Russians were jealous that they didn't have such a young, virile leader.

Look at the Janet Jackson dust up. That wouldn't have cause a ripple anywhere but the United States and the most repressive areas of the Middle East. Now there's an effort to censor books, movies and television in ways not seen for a quarter century. Suddenly, the government wants to intercept our internet searches and snoop through our reading lists. The irony is that the group that screams about opposing the Taliban is the group most like them. We've set the women in Iraq back 100 years; women in America are looking at the same fate.

Abortion is finally being recognized as a basic Human Right, but this fight is not about whether women can have an abortion. It's about whether we own our own bodies. It's about whether we can have sex when we want, with whomever we choose. It's about whether we let 5,000 year old tribal mores - the same mores causing so much misery in Africa, Serbia, and the Middle East - are going to limit our behavior in the 21st Century. The Republican's own unethical, hypocritical behavior proves that they care nothing for morality. All they care about is control. Control of government; control of wealth; control of women's bodies.

Fight Back! Refuse to play by their rules!


Blogging for Choice: Democracy's Last Stand

Today is the 33rd Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, and feminist bloggers of all stripes are blogging about the importance of choice. You can see the list of all who signed up here. It's an amazing collection of writers, and not to be missed.

As you know, Tuesday is D-Day for Democracy in America. The vote on Strip Search Sam Alito will be a milestone in American history. It will either be the day the Democrats stand up and preserve our way of life, or it will be the end of Constitutional democracy. No, I'm not being overly dramatic.

Sam Alito is a dangerous man. He believes in unitary power of the Presidency. That concept alone will make the difference as to whether we are a nation of laws, or a dictatorship in which the executive branch makes its own rules, unchecked by Congress or the Courts. Our government was specifically designed to prevent this. The Republican party now stands ready to undo 220+ years of democratic rule. We can't let that happen.

Go here to find out more and take action before it's too late.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Feministe: Carnival of the Feminists 7

Lauren at Feministe is hosting the 7th Carnival of Feminists, and it is amazing. I've always said feminists outnumber the men in the Progressive blogosphere by 5-1. I may have to increase our portion, because amazing women I haven't heard of yet continue to enter. Go, Sisters, Go!

Friday, January 13, 2006

firedoglake: takes on evil Kate O'Beirne


Here's a sister blogger who knows a Nazi when she sees one. Go get her, Jane!

Democrats: ask not for whom the bell tolls...

... it tolls for your sorry asses if you let Alito be confirmed for SCOTUS.

Note to the big boy bloggers:
This is one of those posts that will scare the shit out of you,
but I'm telling the truth here.
I'll be damned if I'll show loyalty to a party that won't show some loyalty to me,
and plenty of my Sisters are with me.

It’s this simple. The Democrats may or may not win an election with the women, but they cannot win an election without us. If they screw around and lose Roe v. Wade, or any other civil rights, the women in this country will bury the Democratic party. The party has been a complete failure in its role as an opposition to the creeping fascism of the Bush junta, and we’re tired.  

This is Democracy’s Last Stand, so get ready to filibuster, or plan on finding new work.
It’s time we had 2 political parties in this country -  we’re all sick of Republican and Republican-Lite.

Lead or get out of the way.
Following you is what got us into the unholy mess.

Stop Alito like your life depends on it
, because for women, that’s exactly what’s at stake – our very lives. This is not about legal jargon, and it’s not about legal precedent – it’s about my uterus, and you’d better make it damned clear that it belongs to no one but me. It is not state property. It is not for some man to decide what I can and can’t do with it, even if I’m married to him. Its mine.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Say Anything Sam Alito -

Well, we learned one thing in today’s Supreme Court Nominee Hearing - Sam Alito will say any damned thing he has to to get a job. It seems like every time they ask him about some of his past statements he was just saying what he thought they wanted to hear to give him the job.

Dr. Phil says the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Sam Alito must be telling the Senators what he thinks they want to hear. What did he tell President Bush to get this nomination?

• He had to promise to overturn Roe v. Wade
• He had to express support for unfettered executive powers for the President
• He had to guarantee to keep Congress from checking the President’s actions.
• He probably supported the whole Radical Christian agenda. Theocracy, here we come!

Sam Alito always says what his boss wants to hear. Then he does as he damned well pleases when he gets it.

He is the most RADICAL judge in the Third Circuit Court. He dissents more often than any other judge.
90% of his decisions support the Radical Right Wing agenda. He decides against racial and sexual discrimination plaintiffs 85% of the time.

He’s the perfect judge if you’re a rich, white man. For the other 99 per cent of America,

Sam Alito is the Wrong Judge at the Wrong Time

Say ‘NO’ to Say Anything Sam Alito

Monday, January 09, 2006

GM: New Study Shows Unborn Babies Could Be Harmed

Common Dreams:

Mortality rate for new-born rats six times higher
when mother was fed on a diet of modified soya

"Women who eat GM foods while pregnant risk endangering their unborn babies, startling new research suggests.

The study - carried out by a leading scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences - found that more than half of the offspring of rats fed on modified soya died in the first three weeks of life, six times as many as those born to mothers with normal diets. Six times as many were also severely underweight."


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Stop Alito - Save American Democracy

I know you’re thinking that title is an exaggeration. It’s more accurate than you might think. The confirmation of Samuel Alito would represent a fundamental change in American policy. So fundamental that we may not look much like America in a few years.

Here are the issues at stake:

• The power of congress to check Presidential abuses of power
• The power of Congress to regulate the sale of machine guns and other dangerous weapons
• The Right to Privacy
• Your protection against Illegal Search and Seizures
• Affirmative Action
• Equal Access to Education
• Family and Medical Leave
• Your protection from Sexual and Racial Discrimination
• Protections from Violence against Women
• Public Housing
• Consumer protection
• Whether the President has Unlimited Powers or not
• Reproductive Rights.

Alito is not a conservative judge. He is a Right Wing Extremist with ties to the Federalist Society and the Concerned Alumni of Princeton.

• He is the most frequent dissenter in the 3rd Circuit court.
90% of his decisions are in line with NeoConservative policies
85% of his decisions go against the plaintiff in Civil Rights cases.
• He has declared his intention to over turn Roe v. Wade
• He believes the IUD and the Birth Control Pill are abortifacents and should be illegal.
• He favors spousal notification laws and scoffs at the danger to women in abusive relationships.
He believes a husband should be able to execute “at least some” control over their wives.
• He sided with police in a case where a woman and 10 year old girl were strip searched in their own home in spite of not being named in the warrant.
What that means to you is that the police would be unlimited by warrants and have unchecked powers of search and seizure.
• He has already lied to the Senate, and been dishonest with the Justice Dept.

We’re looking at the very real possibility of a police state in America, where the police can search people without showing cause, where your government can spy on you with impunity, where women lose their rights as free citizens, where racial discrimination goes unchecked and women become a permanent underclass without fair access to education, work or protection from violence. An America with a dictator in the form of a President unchecked by Congress or the Courts - and that, my friends, is no America at all.

This man cannot be allowed to sit on the Supreme Court.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Who's talking about Impeachment?

Impeachment in the News | ImpeachPAC via Bob Fertik

Blog entries on Impeachment in the News

The "convention wisdom" is that any discussion of impeachment is taboo. In fact, numerous politicians and pundits have seriously discussed impeachment:

12/21/05 Editor & Publisher
12/21/05 Howard Fineman
12/21/05 Democracy Now's Amy Goodman
12/21/05 Tony Blankley
12/21/05 Jonah Goldberg
12/20/05 MSNBC's Alison Stewart
12/20/05 CNN's Blitzer & Cafferty
12/20/05 Salon's Tim Grieve
12/20/05 Chris Bowers
12/20/05 Media Matters
12/20/05 Marie Cocco
12/20/05 Debra J. Saunders
12/19/05 Sen. Barbara Boxer
12/19/05 Rep. John Lewis
12/19/05 Diane Rehm, Norm Ornstein, Bruce Fein
12/19/05 Jonathan Alter
12/19/05 Doug Ireland
12/16/05 Martin Garbus
12/16/05 John Kerry
12/15/05 Donnie Fowler
12/15/05 Washington Post
12/15/05 The Hotline
12/15/05 Rasmussen Reports
12/9/05 Media Matters
12/7/05 Rothenberg Report
12/6/05 Donnie Fowler
11/30/05 The Hill
11/17/05 Mort Kondracke
11/12/05 Stirling Newberry
11/9/05 Keith Olbermann
11/9/05 Josh Marshall
11/8/05 Tim Grieve
10/31/05 Dave Lindorff
10/24/05 Dave Zweifel
10/22/05 Rep. Jerry Nadler
10/11/05 Paul Craig Roberts
9/23/05 Rep. Charlie Rangel
9/4/05 Brad DeLong
9/3/05 Paul Craig Roberts
9/1/05 Viggo Mortensen
8/26/05 Pat Buchanan
7/15/05 Don Williams
7/8/05 Rep. Maurice Hinchey
7/6/05 Dan Froomkin
7/3/05 John Zogby
6/30/05 Keith Olbermann
6/30/05 John Zogby
6/22/05 Mark Morford
6/20/05 Rush Limbaugh
6/17/05 Rep. Charlie Rangel
6/2/05 Alan Colmes
4/6/05 John Dean


And for those of you who think it's too late to impeach - consider how much damage Bush could do if we give him another 3 years! Every day he's in office, people die needlessly. It's that simple.

Save Lives - IMPEACH BUSH!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Announcement: Women's Media Center

This sounds amazing!

My name is Melissa Silverstein and I am the web editor for a new site (as well as organization) started by Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Carol Jenkins called the Women's Media Center. The goal of the organization is to assure that women are included as sources for and subjects of the media--and that women media professionals are afforded equal opportunities for employment and advancement.

The organization is getting off the ground but our site is up and running and is the only site that features a compilation of links to women columnists, women bloggers, women's media organizations.

The site is updated daily by 11am and we feature important media news as well as stories about women from across the globe.

We have added your link in our women blogger list. We would like to continue to grow the list so if you have any suggestions, please send them our way.

Please check out the site (www.womensmediacenter.com) on a regular basis and pass the word on!

Happy New Year.

Melissa Silverstein