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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Bliss Project

Leneé gave me permission to share this here. It isn't really about blogging, but it sounds like an interesting project that some of you women writers might want to participate in.

first, let me apologize about sending a broadcast e-mail. i really don't like doing this, but there's enough interest from enough ppl that i think it necessary to do so. however, don't be worried -- everyone's been blind carbon copied on this message, and will be on future communications regarding the blog unless otherwise necessary.

in case you haven't already been made aware by my shameless plugging, i've begun a new blog, entitled the bliss project. it's still a new idea (see the mission statement here: http://didara.blogspot.com ) and i'm not so sure where exactly i'm going with the whole thing. still, i think it's important to share. we all know that erotica by women is often pigeon-holed or thrown together into anthologies as if there's not more to be written. furthermore, we're not all fiction writers. maybe some of us want to express some fantasies or discuss experiences we've had that deserve documentation somewhere other than our memory banks or journals. so, here we have the bliss project: women writing about sex, et cetera.

i have a few ground rules:

1) please do not, under any circumstances, use real names -- yours or anyone else's -- when recalling actual events. i just... don't want to do that. it's not a good idea, and nobody wants their business out on front street.

2) be respectful of everyone who writes here. please. you may not like another woman's writing style, or think her submission to the blog is bad, but we aren't here for that.

3) with that being said, i will edit entries for clarity. nobody likes a garbled bit of erotica!

4) if you recognize the writing style or the actual submission of another entry, don't go broadcasting who the writer is. that's tacky. the whole point here is to create a feeling of inclusion and safety. though the internet is becoming smaller and it's not as easy to be anonymous on this thing anymore, i'd like to keep with my original idea of remaining as anonymous as possible.

5) no bugged out html stuff. cuz i'll edit that shit right out. bolds, italics, etc are okay. hyperlinks are okay if necessary. but please don't pull any of that myspace/ blackplanet shit on my blog, okay? thanks.

i think that's it for the rules. finally:

. . . thanks in advance for your words and time. feel free to send this e-mail to other folks you know who may be interested, and please share this blog w/ everyone who you think will read it.



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Friday, December 02, 2005

Urgent call for posts!

Hey, Ladies, here's a chance to reach a new audience. I"m participating in a blog carnival called God or Not - it's atheists vs. the theists on a given topic of interest to both. The next one is monday, and the topic is MIRACLES.

I know this is short notice, but if you have anything to say about Miracles, from ANY religious or non-religious position, write it up and send the permalink with your name and the blog name to submit@godornot with GOD OR NOT in the subject line (nothing else.)

My post is already up at The Goddess if you want to read it to get an idea.

Right now, I'm the only non-Christian on the religious side. We'd love to get some diversity in there-- Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, anyone. All view points are welcome. There aren't many women participating on either side, so I hope some of you decide to chime in!

I'll be cross-posting this, so spread the word if you want!