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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Survey Looking for Volunteers

via media girl


My name is Anahí Lazarte and I am agraduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently I am working on a project related to political blogs. I am looking for volunteers to share their thoughts about blogging.

Here is a link to the survey:

If you know of friends or family who also read political Blogs please forward this email to them. The survey needs to be completed by Sunday, April 3, at midnight.

Your responses will help communication research to study political blogging and the experiences of Blog users. The goal is to achieve a better understanding of how individuals relate to media and the Internet, and how they perceive the political information that is available across different media.

This survey is part of a graduate course, and it is still in its developing phase. Your feedback will be very important to improve the questionnaire.

Remember, participating in this survey is voluntary, and you can withdraw at any time. This survey is confidential.

Thanks! For additional info call 313-413-2128 or send an e-mail to alazar3@uic.edu.

Women Bloggers, get over there!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Guardian Unlimited Books | News | Belittled Women

Is it just me, or are women taking shit about their writing everywhere we turn right now? What really angers me about this is not just that it's pure bigotry, it's that it isn't true. The best, most innovative writers in the blogosphere are women. I know that because of that blogroll to the right there. I had no idea of the real depth and variety of writing that's going on until I started this project.

The same thing seems to be happening in the publishing world. Anyone who thinks women aren't innovative needs to get a copy of Necrologue, The Diva Book of the Dead and the Undead edited by Helen Sandler, for a collection of writers really stretching the bounds of literature and imagination. There's not a dull or "disappointingly domestic" story in there - though, as you might imagine from the title, a couple of them are "depressed as hell." Who wouldn't be - depression is the only emotion we're allowed to feel without being called hysterical shrews.

I'm a snob about writing. Goddess help the writer who submits a book for me to review that isn't well written, because I shock myself with some of the bitchiness that comes out when I have to read bad writing. I'm not easy to impress.

I am impressed by the women on that blogroll. I'm impressed with any women who submits work of any kind for publication in this climate. I'm impressed with AL Kennedy:

Effectively, Women's Writing is whatever has most annoyed any given journalist, commentator, academic, or author in the past few books by women they've read. Sweeping generalisations must be made, insults must be slung, personal abuse is welcome and two or three days of columns and op-eds can be sustained with the merry to-and-fro.

The point she's making is that "there's no such thing as Women's Writing". There's just writing. Some of it is good, some bad, some brilliant, and none of that is determined by the writer's gender. Half the women on the net have taken that crazy test to see whether their writing is "male" or "female" and most score male. Apparently, it has something to do with complete sentences and accurate punctuation, and nothing at all to do with plumbing or a second X chromosome.

Wouldn't it be nice to just be a writer, without being shoved into a subset with an assumption of inferiority? To be judged by the work, and only the work? To write about one's own experience without apologizing for it? To express a complete range of emotion and imagination without being told that those should be limited by a cultural norm? To write whatever comes to mind without worrying about the comfort level of anyone who might read it?

Monday, March 21, 2005

Number 500 - Bloodless Coup

Welcome to blog number 500, Bloodless Coup! YAY!

New Theory: Fish in a Barrel

You start with a group of around a hundred or so men who only link to each other and throw a scrap here or there to a pool of about 500 women. The men get lots of links and lots of attention. They go on TV and get even more attention from people who don't normally frequent the blogosphere.

The 500+ women are all writing and linking to the small group guys( which helps them because there are so many women), and to each other, but because there are so many women bloggers, no one woman (except maybe some young, hot D.C. babe who looks good on TV and makes the producers seem all concerned with diversity) gets the kind of concentration of links that the men do.

The men get all impressed with themselves because they get attention and links and publicity, and sit around in a permanent circle jerk, praising and trying to impress each other, contemplating their navels and wondering why there are no women with as many links as they have.

The women then go berserk, but the men don't know that because they only read other men in their little barrel, but their cluelessness gets them LOTS of links because there are So Many Women Bloggers who want them to get a clue.

Of course, that's just a theory. Like Evolution. I could be wrong.

Sappho's Breathing: Women: Ya can't live with 'em, ya can't find 'em when ya need 'em

Don't miss this list of excuses. It's priceless.

No Compromise Reason #2: "3 Daughters Died When Colorado Police Refused to Arrest Banned Father"

Court Tackles Town's Role in Child Safety (washingtonpost.com):
By Charles Lane
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, March 21, 2005; Page A02

Jessica Gonzales called the police as soon as she realized that her three daughters were missing on a June evening in 1999.

Naming her estranged husband, Simon Gonzales, as the girls' probable abductor, she told the local Castle Rock, Colo., police that they should immediately arrest him because a court order barred him from seeing the children without her permission.

Jessica Gonzales poses with a portrait of daughters Katheryn, left, Rebecca and Leslie, who were killed by their father. Police had failed to enforce an order barring contact.

Despite her repeated pleas, Gonzales says, the police took no action, telling her that there was nothing they could do, or that she should simply wait.

Shortly after 3 o'clock the next morning, Simon Gonzales drove up to the police station and opened fire with a handgun; the police shot back, killing him. Inside his truck, officers discovered the bodies of the three children."

No Compromise Reason #2: Because law enforcement won't stop men from killing our children, even with a court order in place.

No Compromise Reason #1: kidogo usharatis -"tiny prostitutes"

Congo's Desperate 'One-Dollar U.N. Girls' (washingtonpost.com)

Obligation Sex That's what they call it when a little girl of 14, raped and left naked and alone at age 10, told by rape counselors that she now had no value in her culture, sells herself to U.N. representatives for a "a mug of milk, a cold soda-- or best of all-- a single dollar."

This is why Feminists are angry. Where are the good Christians fighting for this girl's life? The people sent to protect her are exploiting her. She has no hope for any kind of life. That is why there is no room for compromise on women's rights. Because this happens every day, in almost every country in the world, and it has to stop.

Closing in on 500....

Hey, Ladies -

as of tonight, the Progressive Women's blogroll is up to 495. Let's get it up to 500, shall we? Who are we missing?

And I need those Liberal Boys names. 107 as of this posting - I thought there were thousands of these guys?

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Pen-Elayne on the Web and I need your help!

Hey, Y'all

First I wanted to mention that Elyane Riggs is currently kicking ass with her Estrogen Month posts. Let's all follow her example and use our links wisely. Treat them like web currency and invest them where they do the most good.

Now, I need your help. I was reading a post at Shakespeare's Sister and it occurs to me that there's an unproven assumption going around, which is that male liberal political bloggers outnumber female liberal political bloggers. There's even doubt that more blogs are owned men than women, but that may be the case. There are a lot of blogs that deal with IT and industries - though there are a lot of young girls with Live Journals that balance that out. Our interest, though, is Liberal Male Political Bloggers.

SO chime in and help me come up with a list. Leave yours in comments - names only, please, no links.

Liberal Guys : 130 and counting
John Aravosis
P.Z. Myers
Kevin Drum
Alex Greenwood
The Liquid List
Eryk Salvaggio
Guy Andrew Hall
HL Victoria
John McKay
Jude Camwell
Keith Kisser
Adam Felber
Andrew Northrup
August Pollak
Bill Blackmon
Bill Connolly
Bill Howell
Bob Goodsell
Chris Allbritton
Dan Murphy
David Neiwert
David Yaseen
Eli Stephens
Musing's Musings
Here's What's Left
Your Right Hand Thief
Not Right About Anything
Zac Attack
Dan Johnson-Weinberger (DJWInfo),

American Samizdat (group)
Kevin Hayden
The Heretik
Mustang Bobby
N. Todd Pritsky
Rick Blaine
Scott Baron
Scrutiny Hooligans
Steve Bates
Steve Gilliard
Earl Y
Elton Beard
Eric Hananoki
Evan Derkacz
Glenn Hauman
Houston Bridges
JC Christian
Jim Capozzola
Jo Fish
Joe Mattingly
Joe Vecchio
Joe Wezorek
Jonathan Edelstein
Joshua Marshall
Justin Slotman
Kevin Wagner
Len Cleavelin
Lawrence Krubner
Mark A.R. Kleiman
Max Sawicky
Patrick N-Hayden
Paul McAleer
Raed Jarrar
Roger Ailes
Eric Zorn,
Sid the Fish (Sid's Fishbowl),
Guy Andrew Hall (Rook's Rant),
Bryan (Why Now?),
Steve Bates (Yellow Doggerel Democrat).
T.Rex/ Kenneth
Ezra Klein
Oliver Willis
Jim Capozzola
Seeing the Forest (group)
Bryant Gries
Chris Brown
Mike Stabile
Roy Edroso
Scoobie Davis
Seth Farber
South Knox Bubba
Stuart Hughes
Tim Dunlop
Tom Burka
Tom L. Bogg
Wayne Kessler
Neil Gaiman
Wil Wheaton
Tom Tomorrow
Mark Evanier
Peter David
Steve Chaput
Michael Bérubé
Chris Clarke
Greg (the Talent Show)
John Rogers
Legal Fiction
Total Information Awareness
Crush All Boxes
Science And Politics
Arran's Alley

Who else?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Janet for Fairfax

Candidate for Virginia's 37th House District Janet Oleszek has her own blog, and unlike her male counterparts, she writes it herself. Let's hope this is a trend - we need more women in seats of power!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

More Women Bloggers!

Hey, Y'all-

You might have noticed that new button in the upper right corner of the main section that says Conservative Women Bloggers Here. Lesley from Plum Crazy has graciously agreed to be in charge of the Conservative women's list, and she's already got a great collection listed.

I'd like to ask all of you regular readers to click the button, and tell me what you think of the pop-up format for the list. I really like it, and I was thinking about making one for the Progressive Women as well. That way you can open the list and keep it on the side while you cruise the web if you want. Gimme some feed back and let me know what you think.

Also- I still need someone to do a blogroll of Diaries by women which will encompass everything that isn't politics. Anybody want to volunteer?

So, everybody give Lesley as shout out - she just made WSS! a bipartisan force to be reckoned with!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Happy Birthday

Yep, 44 years ago today, I was born. And they thought December 7th would live in infamy...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I hate to say I told you so:

But I did:

Stop the Draft before it starts:


On March 31, the Selective Service System will report to
President Bush that it is ready to implement a draft
within 75 days.
We have to organize now to stop the draft
before it starts.

Despite what politicians say, there is a high probability
that the Bush Administration will attempt to reinstate the

The U.S. military is in a quagmire in Iraq, facing a
national popular uprising against the occupation. Soldiers
are dying every day. A report issued in January 2004 by
Jeffrey Record, a visiting professor at the Air War
College, said the Army is "near the breaking point." The
Pentagon has been forced to issue repeated "stop loss"
orders and recall soldiers who
had retired or otherwise returned to civilian life.

Out of 10 Army Divisions, part or all of 9 of them are
either deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Twenty-one out of
33 regular combat brigades are on active duty in Iraq,
Afghanistan, South Korea, or the Balkans. That's 63% of
the Army's combat strength. This means the Army is
extremely overextended. The Bush Administration has been
trying to fill the gap with Reserve and National Guard
troops, but this is a temporary fix at best. The head of
the Army Reserves has recently written a memo saying that
the readiness of his forces has been drastically reduced
through over-deployment and is "degenerating into a broken

Meanwhile, official U.S. foreign policy is now the
doctrine of "pre-emptive war" and "regime change" wherever
a leader runs afoul of U.S. corporate interests. An
invasion of Iran, Syria, Korea, or Cuba -- all of whom are
on Washington and Wall Street's list of targets -- would
require tens or hundreds of thousands of new soldiers.

Enlistment rates not even able to maintain current force
levels, much less provide troops for new invasions and
occupations. All four services missed their enlistment
quotas last year, and enlistments in the Reserves,
National Guard, and regular military are at a 30-year low.
Many current members of the armed forces plan to get out
as soon as their current enlistment ends. According to a
poll conducted by the military newspaper Stars & Stripes,
49% of soldiers stationed in Iraq do not plan to

The President has given the Selective Service System a set
of readiness goals to be implemented by March 31, 2005. As
part of these performance goals, the System must be ready
to be fully operational within 75 days. This means we can
look for the Draft to be in operation as early as June 15,

March 19 is the second anniversary of the war. On the
weekend of March 19-20, activists all over the globe will
take to the streets to demand and end to the war and
occupation. No Draft No Way will be mobilizing to take
part in these demonstrations, which will take place just a
few days before the Selective Service System reports to
President Bush that it is ready to go. We must be in the
streets to let them know that we oppose the draft and will
not be used as cannon fodder in Iraq or in any new war.

Let's Organize NOW to Stop the Draft:

1) Come to NYC for the March 19 Troops Out Now
demonstration. Join the No Draft No Way! contingent in
the march. http://www.troopsoutnow.org. Or join the
march and rally in Fayetteville, NC, outside Fort
Bragg--for more information, see

2) Organize an anti-draft meeting at your school, church
or mosque, union hall, etc. Contact us at 212-633-6646 for
help and speakers.

3) Organize protests outside the selective service office
in your area.

4) Donate to help build a network of educators, activists,
and resisters to fight the draft--before it returns.

5) Sign the No Draft Petition.


March 19
Troops Out Now!
March on Central Park in NYC!
Regional Demonstrations Across the U.S. & Worldwide