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Monday, February 21, 2005

To Kevin Drum: Oh, No He Didn't?!


Kevin -
I worked my ass off for just this occasion. As someone already mentioned, I have a list of progressive women bloggers at http://whatshesaid.the-goddess.org/ that has about 450 links on it. I'm pretty sure it only scratches the surface.

The Eco whatever you mentioned lists What She Said! but doesn't even include my main blog - in existence for over 3 years- called The Goddess ( http://the-goddess.org/blog/ ) Even though I write about politics. The problem is that men like to define politics in a way that excludes women.

Women and their children are killed in wars that have nothing to do with them. Women suffer most poverty, most violence and abuse, have fewer political or fianancial prospects, and do most of the worlds work. This whole planet rests on the backs of women.

Why don't we score as highly on Alexa, et al even though MOST BLOGGERS ARE WOMEN? Because no one links to us. Those scores are based on how many links you have from other people. All the major news outlets that list blogs list the same 12 men plus Wonkette. We just had a row with the new Alternet blog, PEEK, because they started out the same way.

I'm tired of being marginalized because I write about abortion and women's religion. I'm sick of this anti-woman bullshit starting up every 2 months. Forgive my language, but I must quote myself here:
Morgaine-ism #9 : "Politics is all about Pussy. That's why Church and State are always desperate to control women's sexuality."

It's all about keeping women down. Controlling our sexuality. Draining our energies with menial work and childcare. Keeping us poor and struggling. And let's face it, boys - not one of you reading this hasn't called me a bitch or a feminazi yet.

A woman with an opinion is a shrew. A man with an opinion, however unoriginal, gets his own column. The tokens either purr like Mo Dowd or shriek like Ann Coulter and reinforce your prejudices about women.

The saddest part of this all, Kevin, is that there are some really excellent writers out here. There are women writing extraordinary commentary, with sharp analysis and flawless arguments and you'd rather waste time in another gender-jerkoff than reading it.


At 2:16 AM , Blogger owen_in_space said...

just two things:

1) assuming that "not one" of we "boys" who read this post could refrain from dismissing you as a bitch or feminazi is a) a false generalization and/or b) self-aggrandizment

2) any "boy" who would manage to find you blog is more than likely to be sympathetic. It's not like you've nailed a treatise to the door of the chamber of commerce or anything.

At 2:46 AM , Blogger Morgaine said...

1) I would say that it's a reasonable assumption, at least as reasonable as the idea that there are "deeper causes" that must not be spoken. And if it's "self-aggrandizing" to insist that my existence be acknowleged by people who deal with me on a regular basis, then so be it.

2) Don't like being called a "boy"? Why not? I deal with being called a "girl" a "chick" a "bitch". So what's your problem? And, I did send out a Press Release for the site, it has been cited in several rounds of this "Where are all the Women Bloggers" bullshit, and except for Kevin Hayden - bless his heart - not one guy has to my knowlege ever so much as mentioned this site. All it takes to get on that blogroll in the left column called "Guys of the 21st Century" is a mention and a link. There are two names there. That's some show of sympathy, boys.

At 9:35 AM , Blogger maurinsky said...

I love the quarterly "where are the women bloggers" question. The big boy bloggers wonder curiously about where the women are, the women all reply, and then everything is forgotten until next quarter.

I read a lot of blogs everyday, authored by men and women, and I would say that the best written blogs are nearly always authored by women.

BTW, I'm a female blogger - I sometimes talk about politics, sometimes about music, often about my kids. I have maybe a dozen regular readers, but not too many links, so please check it out to see if you want to add me to your blogroll.

Laughing Wild

At 5:09 PM , Blogger Pseudo-Adrienne said...

And guys wonder why we women bloggers, especially us feminist bloggers, are so damn pissed. They're so fucking arrogant and practically blind, deaf, and dumb! If it's a blog by a woman it must not be important or political, right?!!

What a fucking idiot, he's just like Larry Summers. They just don't get it! I even have an idiot on my blog defending Larry Summers. Guys are so fucking clueless and egotistical sometimes. They make it very hard to be heterosexual sometimes. Ugh!!

At 5:44 PM , Blogger weblackey said...

What's more...they're surprised when we describe how much their good ole' boy network disgusts us. What network? Huh? They say...we're just sensitive, we emote...we rant...we're hysterical.

No win situation...thanks, guys.

At 10:05 PM , Blogger ms. jared said...

thank you, dahling, for once again bringing this bullshit to the forefront. it's just so frustrating that it keeps coming up.

women bloggers exist. women are smart. women care about politics. men just don't seem to care or pay attention to what we say about politics. which is once again evidenced byt kevin drum's stupid post that most other big name male bloggers posted before them.

should we start posting about how male bloggers plagearize one another with the same tired stories all the time? barf.

xoxo, jared

At 10:15 PM , Blogger Morgaine said...

Jared - that's not a bad idea. I sometimes think they think we aren't political because we don't repeat the same old shit that everyone else rights about. Unless I have something new to add to the conversation, I see no point in needless repetition. I want people to come to The Goddess for something new.

And LAUGHING WILD is now on the list!

At 1:22 AM , Blogger owen_in_space said...

Sorry. Just to clarify:

I had no problem with the substance of your post. But I did have a problem with your casually dismissing any chance that a man could read your post and understand and sympathize with your frustration without being turned off by it, labeling you a bitch, etc. You say that you don't think this assumption was so off-base-- I hope you're merely being rhetorically free. There are, obviously, men who do in fact agree with you. Also, your willy-nilly "I can stereotype because they do it to me" stance is unfortunate and not very constructive (I refer to your presumption of an attitude held by a collection you, apparently, imagine is utterly homogenous: that is, men). Lastly, you mocked me for taking offense at being called a boy because you "deal with" being called a chick, girl, bitch, etc. Oh, really? Do you deal with it? It seems like if a man were to call you a bitch you would be offended and react. I admit men are all about hurling diminutive slurs at women, I don't approve of that, and I am also entitled to be offended at receiving the same treatment.
I'm not trying to be an asshole or disrupt your blog. I'm a man who holds many feminist beliefs. I have a perspective, too.

At 3:10 AM , Blogger Morgaine said...


I'm not concerned with your perspective. You should be telling Kevin Drum that his bullshit is reflecting badly on you, not telling me how to behave. Silence is complicity.

You want me to think you're a feminist, then act like one. Right now, you're acting like an entitled man. I'm not interested in making you feel better. I have my own problems.

I'm not interested in being reasonable. I'm pissed, and I'll stay pissed until the women in this blogosphere start to get their props from all these rich white boys that pretend to know better all the while not DOING any better. Only actions count in this game.

At 3:12 AM , Blogger Morgaine said...


Almost forgot ! Go to that link and see what some of my sisters think about the situation.

At 12:58 PM , Blogger Amerikat said...

I'm a woman and I blog. I suppose because it's not 100% politics, 100% of the time, they don't count me as a "progressive female political blogger"?

At 5:50 PM , Blogger clint said...

"I'm not interested in being reasonable. I'm pissed, and I'll stay pissed until the women in this blogosphere start to get their props from all these rich white boys that pretend to know better all the while not DOING any better..."

That's why you're not one of the top-read political blogs, nor routinely linked to by them. Venting one's spleen can be cathartic, but it's not something people want to watch over and over. And it's not something others will direct people to.

Reasoned argument about current issues is.

When the top political sites post links it's typically either because they think someone else has made a good reasoned argument, or because they are poking fun at someone's failure to do so. If you're not even trying to fit the first category, your gender is not the main reason you're not being linked to.

At 6:34 PM , Blogger resigned idealist said...

I wrote about this in my blog, giving my perspective on the whole thing. I write about politics more than anything else, but I write for me, mostly to sort out my thoughts and get rid of some of the anger towards the administration. Yes, it would be nice if more read me, but the ones I really want to read my stuff, will never, namely the administration and my family lol.

At 7:42 PM , Blogger ms. jared said...


thanks for the condescending advice on how to behave properly. so typical.

morgaine is plenty reasonable and coherent, she was referring to THIS SPECIFIC SUBJECT that is infuriating BULLSHIT. one tends to get worked up and irate when we have to state the obvious over and over and over again.

women are not linked to because the "brand name male bloggers" like to link to each other. the end.

they only ask the stupid question about where all we women are so they can feign concern for us. it's phony and patronizing and we don't appreciate it.

xoxo, jared

At 7:56 PM , Blogger jj said...

I'd be more likely to keep reading this interesting blog if the type weren't overwhelmed and thrown off its natural pace by that god-awful background. Please let the body text, at least, have a solid unobtrusive background.

At 9:24 PM , Blogger Balisardo said...

Good God. As a male regular reader of many progressive blogs, Kevin's post caught my attention. I thought that I'd take advantage of the dust-up to do some poking around and add some more women authors to my blogroll. Suffice it to say that yours won't be one of them. I suspect that you couldn't care in the least, largely because if you really DID start to get wider attention

At 9:24 PM , Blogger Pseudo-Adrienne said...

Clint's comments, I agree with Ms. Jared, they're typical of an out of touch guy to say, who predictably does not get it. If we women bloggers don't measure up to the "old boy blogger network's" standards of what makes a blog intelligent, coherent, reasonable, or political, then it's not worthy on being linked. What bullshit. Who cares about what the old blogger boys networks' standards of what makes this or that worthy for being linked?! Douchebags...

At 9:29 PM , Blogger Balisardo said...

Never mind. It's not worth the pixels. Let's just say it's not hard to see why you're not getting linked to a lot. You know, outside of your little coven.

At 12:15 AM , Blogger frank said...

I read that far without thinking of you as a bitch or a feminazi.

Of course I read fast.

If you have a problem with lack of traffic, why is that mens fault?

Couldn't it just as easily be women's fault for not linking to each other enough?

The internet is the ultimate level playing field, if men disadvantage women by failing to link to them then cannot women disadvantage men just as much by refusing to link to them (men)?

Men don't have a privilaged position here.

Oops started to act like you were a reasonable person.
I'm not interested in being reasonable. I'm pissed, and I'll stay pissed until the women in this blogosphere start to get their props from all these rich white boys that pretend to know better all the while not DOING any better. Only actions count in this game.

You are just a spoiled brat. I don't owe you jack

At 1:42 AM , Blogger ms. jared said...


you are a fucking moron. WE are not the ones who continue to bring this shit up over and over and over again. we are women. we blog. about politics. WE KNOW WE EXIST.

the point of the fucking matter is all of these patronizing jackholes feign interest in where the fuck we are when they clearly DON'T care in reality or they would have remembered that we're out here from the last time one of them blogged about this so called crisis.

we're not the ones bitching about us not being here. WE ARE HERE. we're bitching about the men PRETENDING like they care that we're not here when WE'RE RIGHT FUCKING HERE AND THEY KNOW IT.

who gives two shits if you read us. so far what you've said isn't very interesting or impressive anyway.

xoxo, jared
p.s. shove your civility up your ass.

At 3:54 AM , Blogger Morgaine said...

That remark about my "little coven" has me cracking up.

Note to Balisardo: Playing the "W" (witch) card might be more effective if you weren't speaking to an actual, initiated, practicing Witch.

Or was that a slur against my religion?

Lame joke or bigotry - either way, that's a pretty sad showing for a progressive, dontcha think?

Frank - kiss my ass.

At 5:35 AM , Blogger Amerikat said...

Oh hey, now we have some Big Strong Men (TM) here to tell us why we're not popular! Thank god, for a second I thought I'd have to think for myself.

At 2:40 AM , Blogger Morgaine said...

Hey, Amerikat -

(I added you to the roll, by the way)

Somebody has to do the thinking. They obviously aren't. hee.

Seriously, are they going to hurt my widdle feewings?

At 1:08 PM , Blogger po_000 said...

troble is none are such as funny or ill informed as you..... LOL


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