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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

WSS Featured Blogger: Laura Antoniou of But How's the Coffee?

  • Name: Laura Antoniou
  • Blog: But How's the Coffee?
  • Location:But How's the Coffee?

1. How did you start blogging? Why do you keep at it?
I started when I realized I was reading more and more blogs and wanted to say things of my own. This would be in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, a turning point for many bloggers.

2. What are your most important issues?

Depends on the day! But overall, I tend to think and write of things that interest me personally. Just try to pain a cohesive picture of who I am, I dare ya. The state of Israel - I am a Zionist who believes in security and safety for the one refuge the world's Jews have. Gay rights - I am a lesbian in a committed relationship who supports the righs of adults to enter into any sort of relationshp they want, as long as it's consensual and harms no third parties. The fight against Islamist and other far-right, radical, hate and fear promoting religious movements, including the wack-a-doodles among Jews and Christians who would like to see people like me marginalized at best, or just slaughtered at worst. I'm a progressive, adult convert to Judiasm who struggles with issues of observance and identity from time to time and still admires and feels pride in my chosen identity, and will talk about it endlessly if you are foolish enough to give me an opening. Free speech and civil rights - I'm a pornographer and a sexuality activist who's been banned in Canada and celebrated throughout the American south. The war - I supported the invasion of Iraq, even though I predicted we'd fuck up the aftermath. Do I regret my support? No. But I regret that no one with more power than me seemed to get the warning signs and actually do something to prove me wrong. Don't you hate that? The odd times when I realize I am agreeing with someone I loathe, or get pissed at someone I admire. The stupid things people pay attention to. And movies. I like movies. And coffee. When the world is headed to hell, just tell me the coffee is OK, and I'll survive the trip.

3. What's the nicest recognition you've ever received from the media and/or the blogosphere?
Well...once I commented on a story on MTV and the author contacted me and that was pretty cool. A fan bought me this awesome espresso machine, which of course, fuels my writing nicely.

4. Who is your audience? What is unique about your blog?
The only unique thing about my blog is me. I don't break any important stories, I don't reach that wide an audience, according to my stats. I suspect my regular readers are friends and fans of my porn, who expect me to write more about sex. But you know, I do that for money. The blog I do because I have this need to rant occasionally.

5. Most frustrating aspect of blogging?
Having the time to do it! I wish I had more time. And a wireless connection! Yeah! I need an Air Port for my lap top. After that? Wishing I had more readers for my brilliant, sarcastic and witty posts. It's frustrating not to be famous for my political and social thoughts. But I manage to survive.

6. What's the one point you'd like a reader to take away from your blog- the one thing for them to really "get"?
I can't be that reductive, it hurts my brain. I hope any reader understands how vital a good cup of coffee can be to quality of life. And I hope they understand that hate mail gets sent to their ISPs and the feds. Also, I do keep updating my wish list.


At 11:37 PM , Blogger Elayne said...

Laura might increase her audience a bit if she turned on her blog's Atom feed. As of now my newsreader doesn't recognize But How's the Coffee? as it doesn't have a syndicated feed.

At 10:59 AM , Blogger Laura said...

Ya know, I do have it switched "on", but for some reason, while Blogger is saving the changes I make to my template, it isn't actually *publishing* them. Ditto my problem with the commenting function which also doesn't seem to work. They say they're working on it. Ah, well. You get what you pay for, I presume.


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