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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Carnival of Feminists is Here! Hazzah!

Welcome, gentle readers, to the May 3 edition of the Carnival of Feminists. We have quite a selection for you this time around, from the truly disgusting to the completely ridiculous. Such is the lot of women - we get the extremes that society has to offer. The most danger, oppression, poverty. The least expression, respect, even tolerance. Our journey takes us to several continents, so let's get started. I'm going to tackle the big stuff first, and end with a few laughs.

First we go to mother Africa, where things are as grim as they've ever been for women.
Rombo tries to sort out her thoughts on Kenya’s Sexual Offences Bill, as Feminist African Sister reminds us why this bill is so important - an African woman is raped every 30 minutes. When was the last time you risked an auto accident because you were trying to get home without being kidnapped and raped? These women do every time they leave the house. The Kenyan government is debating whether this should be treated as a crime. In Zimbabwe, women are working for needs as basic as sanitary protection. This is why it's so important for us to drive home the point that women's rights are human rights - it is women who are being denied the most basic aspects of safety and survival. Since women constitute the majority of the population, the state of a society's women is the measure of that society's success. Let's pray that Africa's leaders heed the pleas of the women who live in these countries. I hope this carnival attracts more posts on conditions in Africa and the Middle East. Women in America aren't fully aware of the genocide, the AIDS devastation, or the horrible practice of female genital mutilation. I believe that if women in the West really understand what is happening there, we will demand that our leaders act for change.

In the same vein, Mary Ann reminds us Why Girls Matter in response to the trend of female infanticide in China, though she doesn't mention the most important reason of all - a culture with too few women can't rebound from a pandemic. Grim comfort knowing these misogynist cultures are dooming themselves to extinction. Natalie shows us that London can be as oppressive as Bangladesh if a woman is isolated by custom, language or marriage in The Other London. Of course, not everyone finds their way to the West voluntarily - Stevie (bookdrunk) discusses The Cost of Human Traffic at Rhetorically Speaking... The penalty can't be too severe, as far as I'm concerned.

Now, before you start congratulating yourself on being lucky enough to be born in a country where women aren't treated as chattle, consider Bark/Bite's post on the disturbing Christian phenomenon of the Purity Ball. It made my skin crawl even before I grokked the racism it expresses. Not restricted to the auspices of the Radical Right, even Progressives sometimes express A Pathological View of Girl Babies. Holly introduces A Guy from Dorking, who apparently thinks young girls exist to do his cleaning free of charge. On a more positive note, Martin is pleased to see that little girls can play soccer and still wear pink sweaters, though he expresses some doubt as to whether this has any importance in Beer and Football with the Girls. Which do you think he'd prefer - a note when my cousin Chrissy gets her soccer scholarship, or a picture of her playing first base for a boy's baseball league? She's only 13, but I'm pretty sure she could kick Martin's ass.

Then there's the effect of Booze, Education, Male Bonding, the Cooties and Rape, which converged tragically in the persons of the Duke LaCrosse team.

We did get one offering from a guy with a clue, as Paul confirms TNR's admission that The Non-Existent Mommy Wars are a canard to distract middle class white women from seeking social justice for poor women. Feminism has had an uneven history with minority women, the disabled among us, and the poor . The Soapbox looks at Feminist failings toward women of color and poor women, while Penny looks at Disablism, Suffrage, and Invisibility. It seems even the best among us will sometimes sell out the downtrodden to make a point. Let's pledge not to lose sight of those who can't speak for themselves.

We're blessed to be able to ponder the fine points of social theory while we fight for our rights. Submitted here for your consideration is a collection of posts exploring language and it's political and psychological effects:

Don't mess with Signifying Nothing - Damn!

Is it Art or Objectification? Goddesses on Parade: Birth, Pornography, the Britney Spears Birthing Statue has a pictoral essay that asks the tough questions. Check it out. Then ask yourself - are you a MILF? Do you care? Should you? Cruella asks - Would you fire this teacher? How do you feel about The politics of Self Worth?

Newsflash! Making Assumptions says guys in comic book stores don't know how to act around women! Supersonic ladies on a leash are more their speed - in their dreams. Karen indulges in some objectification of men in This would have been easier if I could draw, though the US version of Queer As Folk did a lovely job of that for 5 years. They even had a comic book!RAGE RULES!

Finally, Ginger at Diary of a Freak Magnet gets extra credit for best use of a Ghost Busters quote while making fun of a sexist idiot.

If you read nothing else here today, read MagPie's Tribute to Mother Jones. Bookmark it so you can read it the next time you feel as if one woman can't make a difference.

To everyone I couldn't include this time around - I'm sorry. Do feel free to send your entries in again - every host is different, this host was a little overwhelmed! And I hope my style of humor didn't put anyone off. I can be a bit of a smart ass.

The next carnival will be on Self Portrait As on May 17 . Email nominations to holly AT mclo DOT net or you can use the submission form.

If you are a woman blogging politics at least part time, please stop by What She Said! and make sure you are on the blogroll there. If not, drop me a line and I'll see that you are added.

Thanks for stopping by. If you agree with either or both of the political movements represented on this site, please consider displaying a badge on your blog to show solidarity.



Holly said...

This is marvelous! What a great collection of posts. Your commentary is really informative too.

8:40 AM  
Sage said...

I love the way you set this up. Always good to end with a laugh!

9:29 AM  
Terry said...

Great job, Morgaine! I look forward to reading all the posts.

11:09 AM  
Melinda said...

Well done!

11:40 AM  
Winter said...

It's good to have some humour. Well done - looks like a really good selection.

12:09 PM  
Martin said...

Good work! For the record, I'd like to state that I am absolutely certain that cousin Chrissy would indeed kick my ass at any sport she chose except short-distance running. I am short on skills and long on legs.

2:46 AM  
laurie toby edison said...

Debbie Notkin is in Australia and out of eletronic touch. I know that she would be delighted that her blog "Butt Ugly" is included in the Carnival.

I just posted a link to the Carnival on "Body Impolitic".

Great choices!

2:57 AM  
Kitty said...

Excellent! I like your commentary!

10:24 AM  
KC Sheehan said...

Really good work! Great range and variety. Thanks!

2:25 AM  
Ragnell said...

Great selection! Thanks, and sorry it took so long to get over here.

7:23 PM  

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