Monday, September 01, 2008

St. Paul in Chaos

From THE UPTAKE a blog centered in St. Paul, MN

Here's what you won't see on most mainstream news today: St. Paul exploded with riots today as thousands of protesters bumped against police in full riot gear. Police shot rubber bullets, maced and set off tear gas as protesters charged against them, some violent (vandalizing, breaking windows, throwing breaks), and some peaceful, singing and dancing. Two of our journalists were arrested, and then released. Chuck Olsen caught downwind of pepper spray. I can't even describe it all, so I'd like you to watch. I'll include a few choice videos here (all from our live cellphone cams), but please visit our Qik stream, Twitter feed and, of course, our front page.

Corrine Hears Explosions: As Corrine McDermid reports, explosions go off in front of her.

UpTake Team Surrounded by Police: Corrine McDermid and Oliver Dykstra film a segment with their hands on their heads by police request.

McCain Refuses to Meet With Iraq Veterans Against the War: A veterans' activist group attempts to present Senator McCain with a list of demands, and is denied.

Keep watching as we stream LIVE throughout the next four days. Throughout the day, we'll have a live blog running on the front page - please join us in conversation!


Jason Barnett and the rest of the staff at The Uptake have been right on top of this story, which is being ignored by the mainstream media. When they do mention it, they report it as if the "anarchists" (hippie kids and Witches, mostly) creating violence. Actually, peaceful protestors are being maced by fascist cops in riot gear after yesterday's illegal raids on private homes and public meeting places. 


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Athana said...

Great reporting, morgaine. I've linked to you at RGT (not the way I'm supposed to; I've never figured that out).

I cannot believe they arrested Amy Goodman. Not long ago I went to one of the universities near here to see an exhibit of photographs of some of the Americans who've changed our nation (for the better). Hers was one of the photos.



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