Monday, August 25, 2008

Police investigate possible plot to kill Obama

Police investigate possible plot to kill Obama : The Rocky Mountain News

Police, ATF, Secret Service and FBI are all on the job since 2 men were apprehended separately in possession of at least two guns, one of which is a "sniper rifle," and a quantity of methamphetamine. One of them apparently made statements to the effect that they were there to make an attempt on Barack Obama. Lovely.

One of the men jumped out of a 6th story hotel window, landing on a canopy and breaking his ankle, but they got him. This is just my opinion, but my guess is that they'll find out that guy has military training. Yokels don't just dive out of windows on the 6th floor because cops knock on the door. Again, this is a guess on my part, but with Meth in the car, I'd be looking at Neo-Nazis and White Power groups.

Please, Goddess, let the Secret Service, et al, bring their A Game to Denver. We need everybody safe.


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