Monday, July 14, 2008

Supporting the Constitution is not a Radical position!

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I've been very disturbed by the way the corporate media is portraying people who were against the recent FISA vote. Supporting the Constitution is traditionally a Conservative value. Since the Reagan administration, our country has moved so far to the Right that the people who call themselves Conservative are really fascists and the people who are supposed to be Liberals are what we used to call Conservative. The Progressive movement, which is portrayed as radical and Far Left, seem to be the ones that are concerned with Constitutional Rights. Our political system is so changed that the hippies and the miitias are finding themselves on the same side more and more often.

The Constitution is the social contract that empowers our representatives to act for us. It doesn't give us our rights - those are innate, endowed upon us by Nature. Our founders declared our rights to be self-evident and unalienable. The Constitution enumerates some of those rights, reserving others not mentioned to the people, but it doesn't create them. That's why foreigners have to be treated as well as Americans - we aren't special in any way except that our government is supposed to respect our innate human rights.

People think only terrorists are being held without rights to habeas corpus. There US citizens being held both as potential terrorists and as illegal immigrants. The media doesn't talk about the detention camps filled by Homeland Security raids on immigrants. A lot of the people in those camps are citizens who aren't being given access to legal counsel. The government is reading our emails and listening to our phone calls. They're torturing prisoners who haven't been charged with any crime. The war in Iraq is illegal, because only Congress can declare war and they never did. Karl Rove outed a covert operative working in WMDs and he's still walking around free while 1 in every 10 Americans is in jail. . Our government is out of control.

I'm praying that we can count on Senator Obama, a Constitutional scholar, to do what he can to restore this country to the rule of law. The recent FISA vote was a mistake, and one I hope won't be repeated. In my perfect world, Senator Obama would start backing the articles of impeachment introduced by Rep. Kucinich, and he'd start pushing for prosecution of Karl Rove in the Plame case. I would hope that a President Obama and his newly minted Justice Department would start by investigating the illegal activities of the Bush administration. That's a big project, but I think it's a vital one. We can't just sweep these crimes under the rug as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid seem determined to do. If we're going to be a nation of laws again, and not some evil oligarchy that only benefits the elite class, then criminal prosecution of the crimes is essential.


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