Monday, June 16, 2008

More Mama Drama

Well, Mom was home for two very difficult days, then we had to call an ambulance because she was swelling in a way that reminded me of the girl in Willy Wonka - she turned round and blue. Ugh. The good part is, we got her to the hospital on time and she seems to be getting better, but I've been sleeping at the new hospital again. I wouldn't let them send her back to the other one because of all the problems and infections she had there.

Her kidneys are a little strained, but OK. She may have some kind of obstruction in her bowels that they are treating. The diabetes and congestive heart failure are ongoing conditions, but are under control. Her leg still, after 2 months, needs an operation. I'm really pissed about that - it was the whole reason she was hospitalized in the first place and it still isn't done.

The hospital she is in now is much closer to home - less than 25 miles round trip as opposed to 70. My 73 year old dad gets to sleep in his own bed, which is a vast improvement. This hospital is small but new, very modern and clean. They have the best of everything, and the staff is happy and not overworked. My mom's nurse has responsibility for 2 or 3 people at most and sits literally right outside her room. Mom is observed on video every minute. This hospital even has a lounge for the family to use with comfy couches, a coffee maker and a TV - it's like being in your own living room - and they provide meals for the family that's there with the patient, at least in the intensive care unit. She was in this hospital's rehab unit 4 years ago and also had excellent care then. It's the finest care I've ever seen and we've seen a lot of hospitals.

So, I have hope, we're getting some sleep and mom seems to be on the mend. There are still serious issues but (knock wood) things are getting better.

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