Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Need your input ASAP!

Sam Alito is a dangerous man. We know that. How do we frame the debate so that the majority of people understand what is at stake?

All of the following will probably happen if Alito is confirmed.

Which would affect you most?

1. Birth Control Pills and IUD’s outlawed as abortifacents.
2. Extramarital sex punishable by fine and imprisonment.
3. Police could strip search you without a warrant.
4. The Government can tap your phones without any oversight.
5. Fundamentalist Christianity is the state religion; no others have legal rights.
6. An end to Affirmative Action; Repeal of discrimination laws that protect minorities and women.
7. Women become legal property of their husbands.
8. Schools teach your kids dogma and ideology instead of history and science.
9. The President would have unchecked power - essentially making him a dictator rather than a President.
10. Congress would have no authority to limit gun sales.
11. You lose your right to disagree with the government.
12. Everyone in a certain age range required to serve in the military - unless you’re rich enough to get around it.
13. Your news strictly screened and censored.
14. Your internet access monitored and censored.
15. No rights to insurance, health coverage, minimum wage, or overtime pay.
16. Loss of pension you have already earned.
17. No limit on the hours you are required to work.
18. Huge taxes on the middle and lower classes.
19. Increased air and water pollution.
20. Internment camps for anyone suspect - Muslims? Gays? Non-Christians? Liberals?
21. The police can search you, your house, your car without cause.
22. The state decides whether you can turn off life support for a brain-dead parent or spouse.
23. The state has the right to seize your property without compensation.

Please take a minute to pick two or three of those and tell me in comments which you find most frightening, and why. More on Say Anything Sam coming up...


At 8:29 AM, Blogger KCB said...

It's all bad, but I'd have to say that the most harmful to my family would be the cementing of fundamentalist Christianity as the religion of the land.

I grew up going to Baptist church with my grandmother (my parents are agnostic/atheist) and caught on pretty early that according to the fundie view, it's dangerous to think too much, because you might think something that violates biblical teaching. (FWIW, my Methodist SIL recently told me that thinking about killing someone is just as bad a sin as killing someone -- thought crime,you see.)

Not only is that a dangerous approach in its own right, but here in Texas I honestly believe that the Constitution really is all that keeps the fundamentalists from outright mistreating the rest of us, including moderate, mainline Christians like myself.

I don't want to live in a theocracy, and I damn sure don't want to live in one run by idiots. Go home, Sam.


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