Friday, September 02, 2005

The Gulf Coast Blues...

I feel a little guilty because other bloggers are doing such a great job of live blogging the aftermath of the hurricane, but I can't do it. I'm too much in shock, too glued to the TV, and too sad at the loss of things that will never be the same.

I am furious at the incompetence of the Bush Administration, and his callousness in staying on vacation while that beautiful city plunged into hell. I'm angry that babies are dying in the shelters that were provided. I want to know why people aren't getting the care they need. I know why they aren't safe - the National Guard is in Iraq. Stunning incompetence. At least the pResident is consistent - he can't do anything right except steal elections.

This is a direct result of funds being diverted from repairing the levees to paying for Iraq. The hurricane was a direct result of global warming. The starvation and devastation of New Orleans' poor is the direct result of Republican stinginess, racism and greed. We pay taxes so the government can handle situations like this. Instead of protecting American citizens, we've squandered our surplus to murder 100,000 Iraqi citizens. Homeland Security is nothing but fiction, smoke and mirrors.

I am sickened by those who say these people chose their own lots in life. No one chooses to be poor. No one chooses to be undereducated, or to live paycheck to paycheck. It happens. If I lived in New Orleans, I might not be able to get out, either. Where does a sick person with no family and no money go? Wherever it is, that person shouldn't have to worry about being raped or murdered when they get there. They saw this storm coming for days - why didn't someone send buses and evacuate the poor before the storm hit? By the time anyone told them what was happening, they were lucky if they could wade to the Superdome.

The foreign press is stunned at our inability to rise to the occasion. This is the most devastating picture of our endemic racism imaginable. I'm ashamed of Bush. At a time when we need leadership, he's posing for the cameras and making the most disconnected, inane statements - even his puppetmasters don't know what to say in his earpiece. Someone on CNN today suggested that the National Guard may have been held off until Bush could arrive to make him look more the hero - and, Goddess help me, I believe that of an American pResident. On his worst day, Bill Clinton couldn't have disgraced us this way. That man was noble. He was a leader. Bush is a selfish, self-centered, inarticulate, uncaring idiot.

People in New Orleans are ready to riot, and Bush is slapping his incompetent representatives on the back. We're the richest country in the world and it took us 5 days to get food and water into areas that were apparently safe enough to get reporters into.

It would have taken 40 million dollars to fix those levees, but Bush diverted the funds to Iraq. He budgeted only 20% of what he was told was needed to prevent this horror. People have known for years that this would happen, yet Bush has cut funding for the needed repairs to the infrastructure every year he has been in office. We spend 4 Billion a month on that illegal, immoral war Bush started for no fucking reason. We couldn't come up with 40 million to save thousands of lives and 300 years of our history.

It's time to get rid of Bush. Could there be any clearer evidence that this man is unfit for office? How long are we going to let him layer corruption and incompetence, one on top of the other, until there's nothing left but stacks of bodies and no place to bury them? He has got to go. We need a leader in that office, and he simply isn't up to the job.


At 8:23 AM, Blogger Athana said...

Here's a nasty thought: suppose this was an intentional move on the part of karl rove, to distract us? Goddess knows he has enough to distract us from, including his own impending political demise.

At 9:16 PM, Blogger Morgaine said...

What's scaring me is that this is starting to look like genocide by neglect. Something is desperately wrong with the way they responded to this emergency - no one was where they should have been, or did things in a timely manner, and they still aren't.

At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Agnes said...

The neglect was intentional. The weather is only going to get worse, and they want us used to the fact that eventually no one will even be able to help. Watch.


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