Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Pseudo-Adrienne has it exactly right ...

Pseudo-Adrienne has it exactly right ...

Over at Echidne's place, said Goddess still being in Europe.

My comments:

It is no surprise that the male bloggers on the Left don't give a shit about women's rights, but it is frustrating because these same assholes claim to be Progressive. How popular would they be if they told any other minority to just shut up? Black people should back off the Voting Rights act for the good of the Party? That wouldn't go over too well, now, would it.

Get this, Kevin. Listen really hard. My uterus is not a bargaining chip, and anyone who acts as if it is can kiss my ass and my vote goodbye.

Echidne, women need to seriously think about that third party idea. I've been saying for a while that if the Dems cave on abortion rights, we should bury them. They aren't an effective opposition party anyway, and the odds of us winning an election on Diebold machines is about nil. A Women's Party or a mass exodus to the Green Party - which is where women and true Progressives really ought to be if you read their platform - may be the only chance we have to wrest this country away from its corporate masters.

What good are the Dems if they're owned by the same special interests as the Republicans? The one thing everyone in Congress has in common is that they are all wealthy. They aren't going to do shit for the other 95% of the American People who aren't rich.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger The Pagan Temple said...

Funny, that's the way I feel about the far left crowd that seem to be so obsessed with protecting the rights of the same Islamic terrorists that would kill us all in a heartbeat, and who have absolutely no regard for women's rights, in fact whose records on women's rights are atrocious, to say the least.

At 7:50 PM, Blogger Morgaine said...

Look, I don't like misogyny anywhere, but the fact is that 80% of the casualities in Iraq have been women and children who have no political dog in this fight. That's what I object to. And as for the rights of detainees, I want us to follow international law because if we don't, we have no basis to demand that they do. We used to be the good guys, remember? Now we've invaded a country for no good reason and have killed over 100,000 civilians.

Also - many of the detainees had nothing to do with the war. They were rounded up in street sweeps. An we need to remember that Iraq and Al Quaeda had no connection until we created a common enemy for them.

The lefty boys club, on the other hand, has no excuse for their behavior. These are well-educated men - they know better.

At 1:28 PM, Blogger The Pagan Temple said...

As for the war, I agree we shouldn't have gone there, at least not for the reasons stated (though we had plenty of reasons that happen to pre-date 9/11). As for the detainees, I also agree we should show them some modicum of human decency, and in some cases should probably let them go. The Taliban soldiers have a right to Geneva Convention protections. Al-Queda terrorists, those that can be shown to be so, do not necessarrily deserve them. As for how they might treat us as a consequence of how we treat them, that's a non-issue, They are going to treat us how they want, regardless of what we do, or don't do.

Anyway, all this is beside the point I tried to make, which is that Muslims in general-not just the terrorists-have an atrocous human rights record, and most especially have an atrocous record as regards the rights of women. And the poor women of those countries are so brow-beaten there is nothing they can hope to do about it. I am a pagan, and incidentally a male, and as such I want to stand for the rights of all people, not just women, but certainly I believe in rights for women everywhere. That is why I am never going to get all fired up in support of the members of a religion who by their very nature think it is the will of their so-called "God" to repress women, in a good many cases to a degree I can only describe as savage. And like I said, this is not just the terorists, but pretty much all Muslims. In fact, I like to say that your average Muslim makes your average right wing conservative evangelical fundamentalist Christian-look like flaming liberals.


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