Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mothers and others- mapping the new realities, Part III Matriarchy Defined

I’m not making this stuff up. There’s an entire body of Feminist research and theory that I’m basing this on.

Matriarchy is a positive, egalitarian system. Matriarchy is not just "patriarchy in a skirt". It's not about women dominating and mistreating men. This is not the place to indulge your “FemDom” fantasies - they are the stuff of Science Fiction and unfortunate sexual imprints.

Matriarchy's values and goals include:

1) Nature is a Mother. The Goddess is “immanent” She is not everywhere, She is everything. The universe is a macrocosm of the Earth which is a macrocosm of us. Woman is a microcosm of Her and She is alive. We are born of Her and return to Her, but we are never apart from Her because we are part of Her.

2) Sensuality and sexuality are important values People of all genders enjoy sexual and reproductive autonomy. Children are born of their mothers, therefore the mother retains the primary decision-making power. Inheritance is established by familial relationship in practice more than in blood. The Father role is often carried out by a “Social Father”- usually the Mother’s brother - rather than the biological father. Homosexuality and Bisexuality are seen as normal variations.

3) Power belongs to the people Matriarchy functions under Tribal values. When the tribe prospers, everyone does. No one starves unless the tribe as a whole is starving. Individual wealth accrues only after basic survival needs are accomodated. The group decides as a whole how best to use its resources.

4) Consensus Rule Pure democratic rule tempered with reason and equal opportunity. Negotiation is preferred to dominance. Peace and cooperation are idealized. All members have an equal vote and are therefore equally represented.

5) Diversity Matriarchy recognizes that strength lies in diversity. Different races, cultures, positions, beliefs are respected as individual choice. Individuality and creativity is preferred to conformity. Deity encompasses feminine as well as masculine principles. All sexual behavior among adults is accepted.

6) Equality No gender, race, class, or group exercises power over any other, nor is there a preference for or superiority of any group assumed in political, practical or social functions of the culture. Women are not seen as “ruling” men, but rather the social structure follows the female line.

Yes, Matriarchy is a distant dream. American culture isn't quite as strictly Patriarchal as it once was, but if you look at our current political situation, you'll see that it still vastly favors Men, Wealth, State and Church. We are on our way back to the 18th century if we don’t stop the patriarchal backlash directed at women’s rights.
I believe that restoring woman’s place in the world is essential to our progress.

End of Part III


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